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Our clients are all over the world and so are we. We have worked in Russia, Africa, Latin America, Europe, Asia and more than a dozen states and Puerto Rico in the U.S. We come to you.

While sabatini is based in New York, our team is distributed around the world. We are a diverse team of expats, travelers and adventurers who choose to live and work differently. We go the extra (thousands) of miles for you.

our expertise

We become your team: We offer proven expertise as strategists, event planners, award-winning writers, global marketers, cutting-edge developers, visionary designers and social media experts.

our beyond

Listen to our podcast, get travel-like-a-local tips, learn about buying a Tuscan dream home, or even adopt one of our olive trees. Embrace the Italian Life… and experience our beyond.

your visionaries

Nicole Morris

Chief Operating Officer

From Clinton, NJ

Living in New York City, NY

Speaks English (some French, Italian)

Passion project: Intuitive painter

Veronica Towns

Director of Administration/Head of Editorial Department 

From Corpus Christi, Texas

Living in Corpus Christi, Texas

Speaks English (some Spanish)

Passion projects: Writer, small business owner

Lisa Valenti

Lead Project Manager

From Clinton, NJ

Living in Somerville, NJ

Speaks English, the five love languages, and sto imparando l’italiano!

Passion projects: Singer/songwriter

Anna Bazarnaya

Creative Director/UX/UI Designer

From Moscow, Russia

Living in San Luis Obispo, CA

Speaks Russian, English, Spanish 

Passion project: Founder Maitre Verde

Clara Nissim

Project Manager/Graphic Designer

From Paris, France

Living in London, UK

Speaks English, French (some Russian)

Passion project: feminist literature reader

Guillaume Jackson

IT Manager/Italian Life Project Manager

From Toulon, France

Living in San Luis Obispo, California

Speaks English, French

Passion project: Giza Pyramids photography

Edwin Merino

Web and Ad Development

From Oakland, California

Living in Da Nang, Vietnam

Speaks English, Spanish

Passion project: optimizing strength and mind

Amandeep Mann

Website Development

From Ludhiana, India

Living in Ludhiana, India

Speaks English, Hindi

Passion project: Himalayan valleys explorer

Montana Yaley

Social Media/Italian Life Producer

From San Francisco, CA

Living in Los Angeles, CA

Speaks English, Italian

Passion project: Actress

Melanie Granado

Social Media Team

From Corpus Christi, TX

Living in Corpus Christi, TX

Speaks English

Passion project: Founder of candle company

Samuel Guerrero

Social Media Team

From Corpus Christi, TX

Living in State College, PA

Speaks English

Passion project: avid hiker, social media guru

Nicasio Andrade

Senior Graphic Designer

From Maracaibo, Venezuela

Living in New York City, NY

Speaks English and Spanish

Passion project: building art studio in nature

Arman Agahi

Copywriter/Research and Development

From Anaheim Hills, California

Living in San Luis Obispo, California

Speaks English

Passion projects:  Middle East Prof to be

Stephanie Schumann

Copy Editor

From Corpus Christi, Texas

Living in Rio Grande Valley, Texas

Speaks English, Spanish (some ASL, Italian)

Passion project: Author of YA novel

Lori Bourland

Co-founder/VP Human Resources

From San Francisco, CA

Living in Portland, OR

Speaks English

Passion project: 80s/Entertainment Trivia Savant

Katarzyna Lukasik

Senior Graphic Designer

From Bydgoszcz, Poland

Living in London, United Kingdom

Speaks English, Polish and some French

Passion projects: eating potatoes

Camille Hardin

Social Media Team

From Detroit, Michigan 

Living in Brooklyn, NY 

Speaks: English (Learning French) 

Passion Projects: content creator

Alan Gaskill

Video/SEO Maven

Digital Nomad

Speaks: English, Mandarin, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish

Passion Projects: Musiking, Martial Arts


Motion Graphic

Living in Gafsa, Tunisia

Speaks English, Arabic

Passion projects: Motion graphic studio

Chloe Nguyen

Project Manager

Living in Da Nang, Vietnam

Speaks Vietnamese, English and some French

Passion projects: Trying all the coffee in the world

Stella Markidi

Web Developer

Living in Linz, Austria and Athens, Greece

Speaks Greek, English and German

Passion projects: Playing music

Our mission

To create brands, platforms and content that spurs engagement from the first click, allowing our clients to see and go beyond their dreams.

Our vision

At the heart of change and impact beats a story. We thrive to help our clients’ journeys connect with a waiting audience that bring about the world we all want to live in.

andrew sabatini CEO

our co-founder/CEO

Andrew Sabatini is an award-winning reporter, columnist and editor who launched a creative agency that works outside the norms to deliver exceptional value for its clients.

Under his direction sabatini has worked with Fortune 500 companies, global philathropists, and leading NGOs.

That is the heart of sabatini. To illuminate different perspectives, catalyze change from within, and make the world a tiny bit better with each shift.

andrew sabatini CEO

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